What are the most famous materials for making kitchen counters?

Quartz, porcelain, marble and even granite, it’s not easy to navigate with all these choices for the construction of your kitchen counter. However, it is very important that you like your countertop. You will cook regularly using its surface to cut and prepare your dishes. It is therefore a significant choice for the final design of your kitchen. Find out what are the most famous materials for the manufacture of kitchen counters!

Quartz countertops the strongest material on Earth

Quartz is an engineered stone that offers unique designs and superior resistance to heat and erosion. It is even the strongest material on Earth! Considering its many advantages and the design possibilities that quartz offers, it is not surprising that it is found in kitchen counters!

Indeed, quartz countertops are very popular for their great resistance and their unique texture. You can find it in many varied colors ranging from black to light pink. You will appreciate it for its ease of maintenance and its great durability.


Granite countertops with unique designs and resistant material

A natural stone widely used for home furnishings, granite offers superior durability and original textures. Although granite countertops are among the most popular, you will never find two identical pieces!

Like quartz, granite is easy to clean. Thanks to the resin, which is added in treatment by the craftsmen, all the pores of the natural stone are blocked. In this way, microorganisms cannot grow there, and the dirt does not have any adhesion.


Marble counters a timeless material

The reputation of marble is well established. He has been accompanying the most prestigious designs for hundreds of years. With its grain specific to its material, its subtle and timeless creamy white hues, marble has not aged any more. It is found today in the form of a marble kitchen counter and its popularity continues to grow!

It fits into all styles of kitchen design, whether for a contemporary, classic, rustic, or minimalist style, the marble countertop will enhance your interior design. In addition to its timeless style, it is easy to clean and will accompany your best culinary evenings for many years before tarnishing.


Porcelain counters, essentials for today’s kitchens

Produced from kaolin, porcelain is above all a fine and transparent ceramic. It is often found in the manufacture of tableware such as cups, plates, and ovenproof dishes. Indeed, porcelain can tolerate temperatures up to 1400 ° C, which makes it an ideal material to build a kitchen counter!

Lightweight and just as refined as marble, porcelain countertops will revive the design of any kitchen today.

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