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The expert in granite, marble and quartz, as well as kitchen and bathroom accessories in Montreal and Laval, West Island and the entire North Shore

Renowned throughout Montreal, West Island, Laval and the entire North Shore, Granitenzo is the specialist in quartz, granite and marble.

For 20 years, we have been manufacturing tailored furniture  and flooring  in natural stone, mainly for the kitchen and the bathroom, but also for the rest from the house and for shops.

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Granite, marbre and quartzite

Natural stone is a material with natural charm that combines beauty and resistance. It’s perfect for your interior and exterior fittings. At Granitenzo we offer an excellent selection of marble, granite and quartzite, originating from the best manufacturer worldwide. Each one of these stones has its specificities, so do not hesitate to ask for help before you make your choice !

We will be able to advise you and propose you stones adapted to your desires and to your budget. Whether you prefer dark or light granite, you will find exactly what you need. In addition, we have stones of various sizes, some of which are very large, to realize all your projects without joints. Then, we can come to install the granite at home, with an installation in just 1 to 2 days.
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To discover our wide range of granite, visit our showroom located in Laval. You will see materials of excellence from recognized suppliers such as Granit R Us , Marbellous, Masterpiece Granite & Marble Inc., Naturoc, Prestale  or Surfaces.

These stones are perfect to realize all kinds of projects :

Kitchen counter
Work plan
Kitchen backsplash
Kitchen island
Bathroom vanity
Wood or electric fireplace


Outdoor driveway
Swimming pool outline
Wall cover

To discover our wide range of granite, visit our showroom located in Laval. You will see materials of excellence from recognized suppliers such as Granit R Us , Marbellous, Masterpiece Granite & Marble Inc., Naturoc, Prestale or Surfaces.

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We will know how to advise you and we will propose stones adapted to your envy and budget. Whether you prefer dark or light granite you will find your happiness. 

We have a wide range of natural stones such as granite, marble and quartzite. We also have suppliers in Laval and Montreal to satisfy your needs.


Material synonymous with elegance, marble is a natural stone with incomparable appearance, which is also very resistant to water and heat. Perfect for bathrooms, as much for a shower as for a bathroom vanity, this stone can also be used for any other interior decoration project if it is protected by a sealant. For example, it offers a beautiful effect around a fireplace, as a floor or even in a kitchen, as a counter, backsplash or island.
cuisine en marbre
salle de bain moderne
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We offer a large selection of colours and textures, to allow each of our customers to find the marble that suits him perfectly. Anxious to offer you a superior quality material, we work with manufacturers around the world, choosing only the best in their field. To know more, go to Laval and do not forget that we can realize all your custom projects from our marbles


Quartz is a synthetic stone composed of 93 to 95% quartz, 5 to 7% of polymers or natural resin and 1% pigment. It is an antibacterial material very resistant to scratches and does not require any specific cleaning products, unlike marble and granite. It is particularly appreciated by those who wish a uniformity of colour and can imitate marble to perfection!
At Granitenzo, we offer a wide choice of quartz, European and American, in a multitude of colours and from many recognized brands. We advise it mainly for your interior projects. We can work to make a bathroom vanity, a kitchen counter, a floor, a staircase, a kitchen island, a threshold, an electric fireplace, a table, etc. Come see us for more information on our manufacturing, repair, delivery and installation services or our quartz suppliers (listed below).

Bathroom accessories

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Or do you decorate your new bathroom? Obviously, it is important to start by choosing your furniture, your floor and your wall covering, preferably by choosing marble, granite or quartz. However, it is also very important to choose your accessories to get a piece as beautiful as comfortable. At Granitenzo, we offer porcelain basins and bowls, as well as stainless steel bathroom taps. We have several models with different designs, to be certain to satisfy you.

Kitchen accessories

To add the finishing touch to your interior decoration or kitchen renovation, choose some pretty accessories! They will enhance your room and give it a cachet. In our shop you’ll find kitchen sinks, faucets and cutting boards that match perfectly with marble, quartz and granite furniture and finishes. We offer many models, mainly stainless steel and granite. Bristol Sinks Inc.

Cleaning products

Do you want your natural stone to retain all its colour and radiance? Do not neglect its maintenance! Whether you want to protect your marble bathroom vanity, revive the brilliance of your granite kitchen counter or clean a stain on your quartz floor, choose one of our products. Carefully selected, they are all excellent brand Dupont  and provide very good results. We offer cleaners (Klenzall, Oil Stain Remover and Revitalizer), protective coatings (BulletProof and Heavy-Duty Sealer) and varnishes (Polish).

Écological treatment water anti-stain, anti-oil for marble, granite and agglomerated for total absorption. Protect all the surfaces from oil, coffee, grease etc.

Anti-stain treatment for polished and unpolished surface without solvent. T3.121H is the guaranteed protection for all the surfaces, it can be applied on kitchen plan, stairs, bath plan and all stones. Special for quartztite.

Neutral detergent made to avoid damaging surfaces, very effective, perfumed, recommended for regular cleaning of treated surface. Recommended for floor, coating, table and kitchen plans in marble or polished granite, natural stones or ceramic.

Anti-slip treatment for polished marble surface that create controlled microporosity on the treated surface. After treatment, the surface will be even more brilliant.

Anti-bacterial protection product with silver ion for marble, granite and agglomerated. Silver ion guarantee extended and effective treatment against fungus, bacteria and mold. The bactericide action of P9.08 has been tested in certified laboratory.

Ready for use anti-bacterial detergent. Made with Silver ion formula, it reduces fungus and bacterium proliferation on all materials

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