Everything you need to know about the manufacture of custom kitchen counters!

An essential element with which you have the closest during your culinary preparations, the kitchen counter can make all the difference in your interior design. Melamine countertops are certainly less expensive but bring much less charm than natural stone and engineered countertops. Made to measure, each stone counter is unique and very resistant! Learn everything you need to know about custom kitchen countertop manufacturing!

The choice of materials for the creation of the kitchen counter

Craftsmen specializing in the manufacture of kitchen counters have at their disposal several natural and engineered stones. The choice of materials depends on the tastes and needs of the customer. Some stones are easier to maintain than others and each offers a unique grain and design. It is recommended that you come to the workshop to choose your stone. Indeed, textures vary and no stone is alike!

Quartz kitchen counter

Quartz countertops are very popular because of their great strength, ease of maintenance and the design possibilities that this engineered stone offers! It is one of the strongest materials on Earth! What’s more, quartz is a non-porous material, so you don’t have to worry about hard-to-clean stains.

In addition to resisting erosion and being easy to maintain, quartz breaks down in many colors and offers a unique grain and texture. You will find it in several shades of blue, gray, black or even pink!

Granite kitchen counter

Granite is just as resistant as quartz and brings a unique texture to contemporary kitchens. It is a natural stone that perfectly tolerates heat and is easy to clean. A simple cleaning with a sponge will be enough to disinfect its surface. What’s more, since it is also a non-porous material, you don’t have to worry about the growth of bacteria.

Since granite is a very heavy stone, the craftsman who makes your kitchen countertop will be able to lighten it as needed when installing on your vanities.

Marble kitchen counter

Marble is undoubtedly one of the most famous materials for making custom kitchen counters. Its unique colors, great strength and durability make it the ideal stone for a countertop. Much like granite, marble is very heavy and may require some relief depending on your current kitchen facilities.

Porcelain kitchen counter

Porcelain is perfect for modern, sleek kitchens. This material is perfectly resistant to erosion and even to bleaching products. So, you can work in peace on your porcelain kitchen counter. The porcelain surface is non-porous. Bacteria will not be able to lodge in it and you will have no difficulty cleaning it.


The craftsman cuts the counter to measure and then installs it at the customer’s premises

Once you have chosen the stone for your kitchen countertop, the craftsman will have to cut your countertop to measure! The manufacturer will first take all the necessary measures for your kitchen to guarantee you a product that is entirely suitable for your home. Granit Enzo workshop, for example, uses Italian cutting machines that offer precise results rarely seen in the competition!

Once the counter has been cut, the craftsman will come to your home to put it down. It is securely attached to your vanities and a final cleaning stroke is given before delivering the project!

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