What material should you choose for your kitchen countertop?

The kitchen is a central room in a home and you will spend a lot of time there! There are endless design possibilities for your kitchen, but some elements stand out more than others. Your kitchen counter is undoubtedly the piece with which you will have the most proximity since you will be working there to cut and prepare your dishes. It is therefore essential to invest in a kitchen counter that you like, whether in terms of appearance, grain and maintenance.

Should you go for a quartz or granite countertop? And why not a timeless material like marble or even a light style that porcelain counters can provide? To help you make an informed choice, we give you our professional opinion on the different stones available to you to build your custom kitchen counter!

Devriez-vous opter pour un comptoir de quartz ou de granit? Et pourquoi pas une matière intemporelle comme le marbre ou encore un style léger que peuvent procurer les comptoirs en porcelaine? Afin de vous aider à faire un choix éclairé, nous vous donnons notre avis de professionnel sur les différentes pierres qui s’offrent à vous pour construire votre comptoir de cuisine sur mesure!

Quartz countertop is a durable choice that requires low maintenance!

Quartz countertops are gaining huge popularity in our kitchens! It is simply one of the strongest materials on earth. It is therefore perfect for your kitchen counter. It is highly resistant to erosion, tolerates high temperatures and requires very little maintenance. However, we recommend that you always use a cutting board and trivet when preparing.

When making quartz countertop, the craftsman will choose the mixture of crystals and then the resin color pigments. This process allows you to obtain various textures and colors to suit all design tastes!

Granite countertop of noble materials and an authentic aesthetic

Granite kitchen counters fits perfectly with all types of kitchens. The quality of its grain and its panoply of finishes and colors will make it the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is also possible to trim the border to create various aesthetic effects. The Granit Enzo workshop works with Italian machines that offer precise cutting of countertops. So, you can get a custom granite kitchen countertop.

Like quartz countertops, granite offers excellent resistance to erosion and heat. However, it requires annual maintenance to maintain its strength and quality. Since it is a natural stone, granite has an organic grain that creates random patterns. If you want a more sober design, you can opt for black granite.

Marble counter a timeless style an imperishable material

If there is one material that never goes out of style over the years, it’s marble! By choosing marble for your kitchen countertop, you will obtain a unique texture, both sober and contemporary in shades of white unique to marble. Marble countertops are therefore perfect for kitchens with a minimaliste, rustic and modern style.

Maintenance of marble countertops is simple, just check that the sealer is still effective to prevent stains from lodging in the porous surface of this antique stone. Marble is a very durable stone that will stay vibrant in your kitchen if you take care of it.

Porcelain counter a style all in lightness and finesse

Porcelain counters are starting to gain popularity in Quebec. Its contemporary style, light aesthetic and fine grain make it a perfect choice for minimalist and authentic kitchens. The mixture that composes it makes it very resistant to wear over time. Whether it’s scratches, intense heat, and even whitening products, your porcelain counter will not tarnish.

It requires little maintenance thanks to its non-porous surface. You don’t even need to apply a protective varnish. It is therefore easy to clean and is completely resistant to mold.

Do you want to have a custom kitchen counter installed in Montreal for your home? Do business with Granit Enzo workshop! Equipped with high precision Italian machines for cutting countertops and favoring quality stones imported from Europe and Canada, Granit Enzo is the benchmark everywhere in Montreal for kitchen counters! Contact the team now to get a free quote!