Treat yourself to a custom kitchen counter for an invaluable cachet!

Kitchen renovations are among the most profitable building jobs for individuals. In addition to vanities, sinks and tile floors, kitchen counters play a crucial role in interior design. This is the element that tenants and buyers notice first. It is therefore in your best interest to invest in a prestigious custom kitchen counter to enhance your property.

Several prestigious materials for the construction of your custom kitchen counter

Before being a design object, your kitchen counter is above all a work surface for your culinary preparations. Therefore, not all materials are suitable for the manufacture of the countertop. Craftsmen must choose materials that are strong, resist erosion and tolerate high temperatures. For this reason, you will find a lot of natural stone in the building materials of choice for kitchen counters!

Marble kitchen counter, a timeless cachet

Marble never goes out of style from one era to another. Marble kitchen countertops bring an antique and minimalist look to any kitchen interior. In addition to its timeless charm, marble offers superior resistance to erosion and heat. It is therefore the perfect material to build your custom marble kitchen counter!

Granite kitchen counter, a unique and varied design

Granite kitchen countertops are among the most popular. The texture of granite can be found in light or dark tones while offering unique patterns. Granite stone is very strong and will accompany you in your culinary evenings for decades before showing signs of wear.

Quartz counter, up-to-date tones

Quartz countertops are very resistant and allow you to create various designs and obtain up-to-date color tones! Whether you are looking for a marbled pink, anthracite black or shades of blue kitchen counter, with quartz you will never be disappointed!

Porcelain kitchen counter, creamy and contemporary shades

If you appreciate soft, contemporary shades of white, then porcelain kitchen counters will charm you! They fit into all styles of decoration thanks to the soft and neutral hues of porcelain.

Work with a stone craftsman to build your custom kitchen counter!

To maximize the effect of your kitchen interior decoration, work with a stone craftsman who can build you a custom kitchen counter! Granit Enzo workshop offers you a fully personalized service to cut and install your stone counter. Choose the stone you like, talk about the tones that inspire you and Granit Enzo takes care of all the stages of your project. Contact the workshop today for a free quote request!