Your kitchen counter, a centerpiece for your renovations

Renovating your house or store is a real pleasure! There are rooms where we take more pleasure in working there, such as the kitchen. Moreover, work in the kitchen is one of the most profitable renovations. The element that is most noticed in a kitchen is undoubtedly the counter!

Kitchen renovations, among the most profitable renovation!

Interior renovations to your home or business premises increase the value of your property. Whether it’s renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or simply repainting the interior, you can get a great return on your investment. On average, kitchen renovations produce a return of 50% to 100%. Which makes it the most profitable home improvement job!

Among the most profitable renovations, the kitchen is one of the most profitable renovations. The vanities, sinks, tiles and all the elements that make up the kitchen attract the eyes of buyers who like to project themselves there. With open and island kitchens becoming increasingly popular, kitchen counters are becoming the centerpiece of kitchen layouts. 


The central element of your kitchen, the counter

The first thing visitors notice in a kitchen is the counter. It is the centerpiece of your kitchen since you will be regularly in contact with its surface for your culinary preparations. Natural stone kitchen counters are particularly eye-catching and timeless. Here are the most popular kitchen counters during renovations:

  • Marble kitchen counter: For an antique cachet, marble offers textures and a unique cream color that has never gone out of style over the years. In addition, it perfectly resists erosion and tolerates high temperatures, which makes it an ideal material for a kitchen counter.
  • Quartz kitchen counter: Quartz is an engineered stone that is among the strongest materials on Earth. You can find it in several shades from anthracite black to salt pink.
  • Granite kitchen counter: Granite stone offers varied and original textures that fit into all contemporary decorations. Granite kitchen countertops are strong and require very little maintenance.
  • Porcelain kitchen counter: If you are looking for a material with light and sophisticated textures, porcelain is ideal!

Work with a custom kitchen counter workshop!

Invest in your renovations by having your custom kitchen counter made by local artisans. Granit Enzo workshop manufactures natural stone countertops on the North Shore of Montreal and for Greater Montreal. The team imports stones from Europe and uses Italian cutting machines to cut the countertops. Contact Granit Enzo for a free quote!