What are the design trends for kitchen counters?

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in the house along with the bathroom! Highlight it with a contemporary design and a custom kitchen counter! Learn more about design trends for modern kitchens!

Natural stones a timeless for your modern and design kitchen

The search for noble materials and authentic textures has been part of the design trends of recent years. Whether through hardwood, solid metal or natural stone, materials are given pride of place. For your kitchen decoration, you can use solid wood vanities and favor noble metals such as copper for the handles.

On the other hand, the centerpiece of your decoration is undoubtedly your kitchen counter! It takes up a lot of space and you will be constantly in touch during your gourmet preparations. Fortunately, there are very beautiful natural stones to build your kitchen counter. They offer a unique grain and natural textures that you will not find anywhere else. Here are the most prestigious natural stone kitchen countertops:

  • Granite kitchen counter
  • Marble kitchen counter
  • Porcelain kitchen counter

Are you looking for a natural stone kitchen counter? Granit Enzo workshop manufactures and installs kitchen counters throughout Greater Montreal and the surrounding area! The stones are custom cut for your kitchen with Italian cutting machines. Granit Enzo also works with quartz which is the strongest engineered stone on Earth!


Touches of gold, matte finish and marble for a luxury designer kitchen

Minimalism and simplicity are always put forward in our contemporary interiors. Simplicity does not mean boring! Vary your shades of white by having a marble counter in your kitchen. Add golden touches to your decoration and prioritize matte finishes. You will get a kitchen with a sleek, contemporary design and a luxurious look!


Open kitchen with a kitchen island counter

You have probably noticed that open kitchens have been popular for a few years! They allow everyone to get together and prepare dinner with friends or family! In addition, open kitchens enlarge your interior spaces by reducing the number of walls. If you’re going for an open kitchen, consider having a kitchen island built big enough for everyone to participate!

Are you renovating your kitchen and looking for a prestigious counter to enhance your interior design? Whether for a kitchen island counter or the main counter, Granit Enzo works with you to design the kitchen of your dreams! The shop of Greater Montreal offers a custom kitchen counter manufacturing service for your home. Contact Granit Enzo to request a free quote!