How to design a modern kitchen with a custom counter?

Are you renovating your kitchen and looking for ideas to bring it up to date? Find out how a custom kitchen counter can completely give your interior a facelift!

Highlight your counter with a kitchen island!

If you follow kitchen design trends closely, you must have noticed that open kitchens are becoming more and more popular! They allow you to create more space at home while inviting everyone to come and participate in dinner!

Do you like to showcase your taste for prestigious kitchen designs? With an open kitchen, your interior decoration will match that of your kitchen! To enhance it even more, have a custom kitchen island counter installed. Choose a natural material such as marble, granite, or porcelain for an authentic and timeless effect.

If you are completely renovating your kitchen and have enough space, treat yourself to the happiness of a large kitchen island! You will appreciate its large surface during your dinner preparations, and you will facilitate collaboration around the counter!


Treat yourself to a natural stone kitchen counter

Authentic and noble materials have been in the spotlight for some time. The Higgs style and minimalism have contributed to their popularity in our homes. With the rise of telecommuting, being well at home now becomes a greater property. In addition to interior decoration, the choice of materials plays a role in your appreciation of your interiors. According to minimalism and the Higgs current, raw materials, in addition to being durable, bring joy and a pleasant touch.

Your counter is the centerpiece of your kitchen. You will be in direct contact with its surface regularly as soon as you want to cook. It is therefore important that you enjoy working on your kitchen counter.

Treat yourself to a custom natural stone kitchen counter! Depending on the type of stone you choose, you can get unique textures, colors, and design! By working with a craftsman, you can tell him about your tastes for the sizes of the edges as well as for the type of finish you are looking for. You will get an original piece of craftsmanship, pleasant to the touch and entirely designed for you.

Granite, marble, or porcelain countertops offer a unique result! You will appreciate their texture and their contemporary look. Since it is natural stone, no matter how you decorate, your kitchen counter will never go out of style.

In addition to natural stones, you can opt for a quartz countertop which is an engineered stone offering the same advantages as granite.

Find out about the possibilities from your stone artisans: Granit Enzo! The workshop manufactures and installs custom kitchen counters throughout Greater Montreal! Contact the team to find out more!