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Are you renovating your kitchen and looking for a craftsman to design a custom countertop? At Granit Enzo, we’ve been making quartz kitchen counters in Montreal for over 20 years! We import premium quality quartz from Canada and Europe. Quartz is one of the strongest materials on earth and offers exquisite design possibilities. We offer the free quote if you call 450 934-9913!

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Quartz countertop manufacturing in Montreal

Are you looking for a kitchen counter with a unique grain that is at the same time durable? At Granit Enzo, we build custom quartz kitchen countertops in Montreal. We import quartz from across Canada and Europe to build a quality product that will accompany your culinary explorations for years to come!

Quartz offers a wide range of possibilities! You can choose its color and the type of texture you are looking for. We take the time to understand your needs as well as all the unique layouts of your kitchen. Our goal is to provide you with a custom quartz product that meets your satisfaction requirements. Thanks to our Italian machines, you get a precise cut in addition to a refined finish.

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Why choose quartz for your kitchen furniture in Montreal?

conception d'îlot de cuisine

Composed of 93% to 95% of quartz and 5% to 7% of polymer or natural resin in addition to the pigment, quartz is above all a synthetic stone. It does not need any special maintenance other than cleaning after use. It is antibacterial and perfectly resists erosion and heat. However, do not tempt the devil, use a baking sheet for your hot food and a cutting board for your food.

So, you understand why quartz is a material of choice for the manufacture of your kitchen furniture in Montreal! It is perfectly resistant to the use of the culinary arts and requires little maintenance. What’s more, it is possible to obtain rich and unique textures!

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Granit Enzo: Your quartz countertop manufacturing workshop in Montreal for 20 years

Granit Enzo is above all a workshop made up of stonework enthusiasts! We founded our company over 20 years ago with the goal of providing quality and affordable kitchen counters in Montreal. To achieve this, we have invested in quality Italian machinery and we select our stones with care. We do everything we can to meet your requirements.

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